Roller Holder matching tungsten carbide cold rolls assembling in rolling cassette. Compatible with Eurolls, GSG and Atomat, almost any brand wire rolling Cassettes

Roller Holder OR roller bearing is a key part for Wire Rolling cassette for producing reinforcing steel wires and bars.

The roller holder is an important part of the machine for cold rolling steel bar, which is used together with cemented carbide cold roll. In the cold rolling process, three cold rolls and three roller holder are usually used as a group.
Most parts of the holder are processed with Japanese steel by a precision CNC machine.

Detachable and reusable housing and parts.

Holder housing heat treated.

The cooling pin is also used together with our roller and roller holder.

In addition, in order to facilitate the removal and replacement of the roll, we also provide a matching wrench to facilitate your removal to save time.


  • Replaceable SKF bearing, just replace the bearing if worn.
  • Accurate design ensures the steady installation of TC Roller.
  • High productivity. Smoothly running lessening wear of TC Rolling.


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