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Rolling with Strength, Durability, and Efficiency – UKO Carbide Wire Rolls

If you are looking for tungsten carbide rolls that are durable, wear-resistant, and can withstand high temperatures and pressures, UKO’s complete range of Tungsten Carbide Rolls certainly will be a good choice for wire and rod rolling mill applications.

tungsten carbide wire rolls
Tungsten Carbide Wire Rolls

3 rolls to a set, which are placed at 120 degrees for rolling round wires.

Tungsten Carbide Descaling Rolls

Integral tungsten carbide descaling rolls are commonly used in the mechanical descaling of entry rods in reduction mills.

roll holder
Roll Holder

Roll holders are made of steel and for holding sizing, forming, reducing and profiling rolls.

customized rolls
Customized Rolls

We could make rollers for machines MEP and SCHNELL (machines to work iron rods), the model Format 12 S / Minisintax16 / Prima12.

Wear Solutions for Wire Rolling

Tungsten Carbide Rolls are widely used in wire and rod rolling mill applications, they are used to produce smooth or ribbed wire for the construction reinforcement field.

Best solutions

Carbide wire rolls offer several advantages compared to other types of wire rolls.

Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Durability: Carbide wire rolls are incredibly hard and resistant to wear, making them much more durable than other types of rolls. This means they last longer and require less frequent replacement.

  • Precision: Carbide wire rolls can be manufactured to very tight tolerances, allowing for precise control over the size and shape of the wire being rolled. This makes them ideal for applications where accuracy is critical.


Carbide wire rolls can withstand high levels of pressure and stress without deforming or breaking. This makes them ideal for rolling high-strength steel materials.

Reduced Maintenance

Due to their durability and strength, carbide wire rolls require less maintenance than other types of rolls. This translates to lower downtime and reduced costs for repairs and replacements.

Increased Efficiency:

The precision and strength of carbide wire rolls can help increase production efficiency, as they can roll wire at higher speeds with greater consistency and accuracy.


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