The cable and wire industry witnesses a huge volume of business. One of the important requirements of many wire manufacturing companies is the drawing die. There are many categories and types of drawing dies on the market. The main types of wire drawing dies to include cemented carbide dies, nano dies, enamel dies, SCD dies, PCD dies, ND dies and shaped wire dies, etc.

PCD dies can be used for almost all drawing operations from rod to fine wire. It is made of a synthetic diamond single crystal, plus a small amount of silicon, titanium, and other binders. It is known to outlast natural and synthetic single-crystal diamond dies.


Why PCD Dies Are Becoming More Popular
Entrance The inlet area is polished so that the drawing fluid can circulate smoothly.
Approach The lubrication area is finely polished so that the wire can be easily excessive.
Reduction The working area can reduce the drawing force, and the change-point contact is face-to-face angle drawing, which reduces friction and dies wear. The deformed structure is more reasonable and stable. The upper line can be drawn smoothly when the incoming line becomes thicker or thinner.
Bearing The safety angle can ensure that the wire is drawn without scratches, and the life expectancy tends to be longer.
Back Relief The safety angle can ensure that the wire is drawn without scratches, and the life expectancy tends to be longer.
Exit The deepening of the outlet can greatly support the tensile stress of the outlet.


Polycrystalline diamond dies(PCD dies) are excellent for drawing nonferrous wire, such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. And they are also especially well-suited for larger wire sizes where die life is more important than wire surface finish.

Soft wire: Copper wire, aluminum wire, brass wire, gold wire, etc

Hardwire: Stainless steel wire, coated steel wire, EDM wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, etc

PCD dies can stand out among many types of drawing dies, thanks to the following advantages.

  • Highly wear resistance. Since the hardness of PCD is 250% of cemented carbide, its wear resistance is stronger.
  • Long working life and more cost-effective. According to the statistics, when drawing copper wires of the same diameter, the service life of the PCD wire drawing die is 300 to 500 times that of the cemented carbide wire drawing die.
  • Low tolerance and high finish of wire surface. The surface finish of the wire or rod drawn by PCD die is higher, and the wear of the inner hole of PCD die is very uniform.

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