Since the middle of the last century, cemented carbide cantilever beam rolls have been applied to twist-free wire rod mills. The practice has proved that cemented carbide is very suitable for manufacturing rolls. Its life span is 20 times that of ordinary cast iron rolls and more than twice that of high-speed steel. The material of roll ring industry has gone through the following process: chilled cast iron → high chromium cast iron → semi-high speed steel → high-speed steel → cemented carbide roll.

Tungsten carbide roll ring material is developed on the basis of the tungsten carbide tool material. It is made of refractory metal compound (WC) as a matrix, and transition metals (Co, Fe, Ni) as the binder phase. Tungsten carbide roll ring has good abrasion resistance, high-temperature red hardness, thermal conductivity and high-temperature strength and other characteristics. And it has been widely used in making high-speed wire rod, bar, rebar, and other rolling seamless steel pipe production.

Tungsten carbide hot-rolling ring is mainly used for high-speed wire rod mill pre-finishing unit, and finishing units, reducing sizing unit, rolling play area and improving the performance of rolling material effect decreases. Tungsten carbide roll ring line production can meet the needs of making various types of high carbon steel, alloy steel and special steel. Its rolling speed can reach 110m/s-180m/s, compared with cold rolling machines.

Advantages of carbide hot roll ring:

  • Low energy consumption, good plastic processing, low deformation resistance, insignificant work hardening, easy rolling, and reduced energy consumption required for metal deformation.
  • Hot rolling usually uses large ingots and large reductions for rolling, with fast production rhythm and large output, which creates conditions for large-scale production.
  • The as-cast structure is transformed into a processed structure through hot rolling, and the plasticity of the material is greatly improved through the transformation of the structure.

Therefore, cemented carbide roll rings for high-speed rolling mills have gradually become the mainstream trend. And the concrete steel bars produced by them are widely used in construction projects.

We UKO can offer you a wide variety of standard grades to satisfy almost every application request. Special non-standard grades are also available, as well as a sophisticated R&D department, that is continuously working on developing new grades. Our tungsten carbide roll rings are available in standard block sizes and up to a diameter of 600mm. Some rolls are ground without grooves but also some are ready to use with grooves.

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