• Thread Rolling Die

Thread rolling dies/Planetary Dies for nail rolling machine,both ring type and screw type (helical type) nails dies we are producing for the nail industry.

planetary nail dies consisting of one roll ring and segments mounted in a thread-rolling machine for producing screw nails and ring nails.

UKO thread rolling die is divided into two parts: moving die and fixed die (roll ring), and the number of moving die can be customized more according to customer requirements.
Thread rolling dies

  • The utilization rate of materials is high.
  • Heat-treated tool steel with superior performance.
  • Accurate and precise machined as drawing.
  • Easy installation.
  • Long lifespan.
Custom as drawing or draft is acceptable dies for Prutton, Ingramatic, Omega, Enkotec, Zeus, Ruja, Wafiso, Sakamura, Ticho, Salvi, Sima and etc thread rolling machines.

Drawing of thread rolling dies

Ring shank:It is used to make ring nails.
the used to make ring nail
Screw shank:It is used to make screw nails.
uko drawing thread rolling dies


  • Increased productivity: Planetary thread rolling dies enable faster and more efficient production of nails, reducing downtime and increasing output.
  • Improved nail quality: Planetary thread rolling dies create more uniform and precise threads, resulting in stronger and more consistent nails.
  • Cost savings: With less material waste and fewer defective nails, using planetary thread rolling dies can lead to significant cost savings over time.