• Grinding wheel

The grinding wheel is used for grinding and repairing nail cutters and dies. It can be used for grinding angles, grooves, and surfaces. Improving the service life of nail mold, so as to save production costs.


  • High hardness, and efficient processing of cemented carbide.
  • Perfect matching with UKO nail-making tools.
  • Long service life and cost-saving.
UKO grinding wheel uses high quality diamond abrasive. This kind of grinding wheel has high hardness, can efficiently process hard alloy, glass and ceramics, and has long service life.

The diamond sand is evenly attached and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to drop sand.
high quality diamond abrasive
The results show that the sharpened diamond wheel can keep the micro edge of the abrasive grains for a long time, and the good cutting performance ensures the small grinding force in the grinding process, thus reducing the grinding power and saving energy.

At the same time, the thermal conductivity of diamond is very good, which is conducive to the evacuation of heat, to avoid the phenomenon of workpiece burn, crack and falling block, and greatly improve the quality of workpiece surface processing.

For grinding angle
Grinding wheel for angle
For grinding groove
Grinding wheel for angle
For grinding surface
Grinding wheel for surface


  • Cost savings: Regular maintenance with grinding wheels can extend the lifespan of nail cutters and gripper dies, reducing the need for frequent replacement and saving costs.
  • Improved safety: Using a grinding wheel to repair and maintain nail cutters and gripper dies can help to ensure that these tools remain safe to use. By sharpening and smoothing any rough or damaged surfaces, the risk of injury to workers and damage to machinery is reduced.
  • Durability: Grinding wheels are made from durable diamond abrasive that are able to withstand the heat and pressure generated during grinding. This means they have a longer lifespan than other abrasive tools and can be used for extended periods without needing replacement.