• carbide cutter with star point
  • Flat nails
  • Nail tools

With more than 16 years experience of in tool manufacturing in carbide and steel material for nail machines.
In this period, we have gained a good knowledge of the machine types for which these tools are supplied, as well as the expertise to know which grade of carbide best suits each tool type.

Tools for nail-making machines are:

  • Gripper dies
  • Cutter dies
  • Punches

UKO is manufacturing carbide tools (wire nail gripping die) for nail making machine: Brazed gripper dies, Brazed Cutter, Header Punches, Round gripper dies, Die Inserts, Cutter Inserts, Feeder, Anvil, these spares are used for making nails from copper, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, zinc, etc.
Nail gripper dies are available with both brazed and replaceable tungsten carbide inserts. We supply replaceable inserts in dimension requested.
Nail gripper dies
Nail cutter for diamond point, clinch point, chisel point and blunt point.
Nail cutter
Punches are manufactured in full tungsten carbide with a plain and chequered surface. Other profiled surfaces can be supplied on requests.

  • Brazed nail tools: Working area in tungsten carbide material, holder in steel material.
  • Solid cemented carbide nail tools: the whole piece in cemented carbide material.
  • HSS nail tools: the whole piece in high-speed steel.

Nail making machines
All of our dies and knives are available in various brand nail making machine, such as MORONI, VITARI, KOVOPOL, WAFIOS, Z94. etc.

Roofing nails, collated nails, flat coil nails, jumbo coil nails, conical nails, EPAL nails, construction nails, loose nails, panel pins, oval nails, ring shank nails, semi clout nails, round wire nails, serrated galvanized clout nails, spiral nails, serrated nails, heavy tile nails in steel, stainless steel or other material.
Grade Density
Performance & Application
YG20 13.5~13.8 85.5 2400~2800 Used   for stamping dies and moulds
YG20C 13.5~13.8 83.5 2350~2850 Used   for making bearings, tools and cold heading molds.
YG22C 13.3~13.8 83 2400~2900 Suitable   for making nut and bolt forming dies.
YG25C 13.1~13.5 82.5 2400~2950 Used   for punching dies


  • Increased productivity: Planetary thread rolling dies enable faster and more efficient production of nails, reducing downtime and increasing output.
  • Improved nail quality: Planetary thread rolling dies create more uniform and precise threads, resulting in stronger and more consistent nails.
  • Cost savings: With less material waste and fewer defective nails, using planetary thread rolling dies can lead to significant cost savings over time.