Nail Gripper Dies, Cutter, Punch

Nail Gripper Dies, Cutter, Punch

Nail Gripper Dies, Cutter, Punch2023-08-07T10:31:14+00:00
  • Nail tools
  • carbide cutter with star point
  • Flat nails

With more than 16 years experience of in tool manufacturing in carbide and steel material for nail machines.
In this period, we have gained a good knowledge of the machine types for which these tools are supplied, as well as the expertise to know which grade of carbide best suits each tool type.

Tools for nail-making machines are:

  • Gripper dies
  • Cutter dies
  • Punches

UKO is manufacturing carbide tools (wire nail gripping die) for nail making machine: Brazed gripper dies, Brazed Cutter, Header Punches, Round gripper dies, Die Inserts, Cutter Inserts, Feeder, Anvil, these spares are used for making nails from copper, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, zinc, etc.
Nail gripper dies are available with both brazed and replaceable tungsten carbide inserts. We supply replaceable inserts in dimension requested.
nail cutters
Nail cutter for diamond point, clinch point, chisel point and blunt point.
nail punches
Punches are manufactured in full tungsten carbide with a plain and chequered surface. Other profiled surfaces can be supplied on requests.
nail gripper dies

  • Brazed nail tools: Working area in tungsten carbide material, holder in steel material.
  • Solid cemented carbide nail tools: the whole piece in cemented carbide material.
  • HSS nail tools: the whole piece in high-speed steel.

nail making machine
All of our dies and knives are available in various brand nail making machine, such as MORONI, VITARI, KOVOPOL, WAFIOS, Z94. etc.

Roofing nails, collated nails, flat coil nails, jumbo coil nails, conical nails, EPAL nails, construction nails, loose nails, panel pins, oval nails, ring shank nails, semi clout nails, round wire nails, serrated galvanized clout nails, spiral nails, serrated nails, heavy tile nails in steel, stainless steel or other material.
Grade Density
Performance & Application
YG20 13.5~13.8 85.5 2400~2800 Used for stamping dies and moulds
YG20C 13.5~13.8 83.5 2350~2850 Used for making bearings, tools and cold heading molds.
YG22C 13.3~13.8 83 2400~2900 Suitable for making nut and bolt forming dies.
YG25C 13.1~13.5 82.5 2400~2950 Used for punching dies


  • Long-lasting durability: Brazed carbide nail-making tools are known for their exceptional hardness and wear resistance, ensuring longevity, which reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs, saving time and money.
  • Increased productivity: These nail-making tools are specifically designed to create nails quickly and efficiently, reducing production time, especially nail making tools for high speed nail making machines.
  • Improved accuracy: The precision of these nail-making tools allows for consistent nail size and shape, ensuring quality control.
What’s the price difference between whole-carbide punches and brazed-carbide punches?2023-08-04T08:45:20+00:00

The price difference between whole-carbide punches and brazed-carbide punches for nail making may vary depending on the specific type, size, and supplier. However, in general, whole-carbide punches are typically more expensive than brazed-carbide punches. Some customers choose to order the brazed one due to the head being the working area.

Nail-making punches require high wear resistance and toughness to withstand the continuous impact and pressure during production.

Brazed-carbide punches have a steel body with a carbide tip that is brazed onto the end. They are less expensive to produce than whole-carbide punches since only the tip is made of carbide, and the steel body is less expensive.

What is the price difference between carbide inserts for nail cutters and brazed carbide nail cutters?2023-08-04T08:44:18+00:00

In general, carbide inserts for nail cutters tend to be less expensive than brazed carbide nail cutters because they are smaller and require less carbide material. Carbide inserts are typically used to replace the worn or damaged cutting edges of existing nail cutters, rather than as a standalone tool.

However, the specific price difference between these two types of tools will depend on the size and specifications of the tool, as well as the supplier and other market factors. It’s always a good idea to compare prices from multiple suppliers to get the best deal.

Can nail gripper dies to be sharpened or repaired?2023-08-04T08:41:48+00:00

In some cases, nail gripper dies made of brazed carbide can be sharpened or repaired if they become dull or damaged. However, this process can be complex and requires specialized equipment and expertise.

Carbide is a very hard and durable material, but it can be brittle and may chip or crack if not handled properly. Sharpening or repairing a nail gripper die typically involves removing the damaged or worn carbide teeth and replacing them with new ones.

It’s essential to have the repair or sharpening work done by a professional with experience in working with carbide materials. Attempting to repair or sharpen the die yourself or using an inexperienced technician could result in further damage to the die and compromise its performance.

In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to replace the die if it becomes worn or damaged beyond repair.


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