The industrial process of making nails, which are small metal fasteners used to bind materials together, is known as nail manufacture. For ages, nails have been an essential component of construction, woodworking, and a variety of other industries. Automation and technical improvements have considerably improved nail manufacturing efficiency and consistency in recent years. Modern machines are capable of producing a large number of nails in a short period of time while retaining great precision and quality. High-speed automatic nail-making machines are designed for large-scale production of wire nails of various sizes.

From raw material selection through final packaging, the nail production process consists of various processes.

Material selection is the initial step in nail manufacturing. Steel wire, stainless steel, and, on occasion, brass or aluminum are common materials. The chosen material must be strong and durable enough to withstand the stresses produced during use.

The wire is run through a series of tungsten carbide wire drawing dies to attain the desired diameter after the material is chosen. This is known as wire drawing, and it is critical in determining the proper nail size. When the wire has reached the proper thickness, it is chopped into lengths suitable for nail manufacture.

The cut wire is then put into a nail-making machine, where it is shaped into nails via a number of mechanical procedures. The wire is sliced into individual nail blanks by the machine, which then produces the head and point of each nail. The machine accessories that work in this process are nail dies, nail cutters, and punches in order. The nails will be annealed or galvanized or other surface treatment once they have been manufactured to prolong their working life.

High-speed nail-making machines have the following characteristics:

  • High capacity and production process automation
  • Low noise
  • Automatic lubricator
  • High dimensional accuracy of produced nail
  • Automatic wire feeding system
  • Alarm system and automatic shutdown system in case of failures of wire feeding system, equipment overload, low lubrication, and any defects
  • Closed construction frame
  • High level of occupational safety

In addition, the continuous innovation and improvement of high-speed nail machine equipment has improved the utilization rate of more limited waste resources and provided new production value for these materials. It can even be said that nail production tools have achieved good environmental protection and resource utilization results, bringing unexpected production benefits to more users. At the same time, nail production tools also provide a great convenience for our actual production and reduce labor intensity.

UKO has been focusing on the processing of nail tools for 10 years and started its overseas export business in 2015. At present, it has occupied markets in South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other markets and has established long-term cooperation with no less than 6 major brands such as Peru, India, and Malaysia. Our formulation tools are applicable to the formulation machines of famous brands, such as MORONI, VITARI, KOVOPOL, and WAFIOS.

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