UKO provides a wide range of high-quality gripper dies and cutters for different wire diameters of wire nail sizes. We have solutions for nail gripper dies and cutters in single-wire systems and double-wire systems, as well as all types of nail hammers. And we are developing innovative new solutions to drive the future of production. 

nail die
HSS nail cutter

Carbide Gripper dies, Cutters, hammers, feeders, cubes, thread rolling dies, and spares related supplied for various brand nail making machines including Roofing Nail Machine, Pallet Nail Machine, Concrete Nail Machines, Coil nail Machines.

Currently, we are experienced in nail-making machine types including:

Wafios N4, N41,N5,N51, N6, N61, N80, N90.etc  





and other brand steel wire nail machines.

round gripping dies, thread rolling dies also can be supplied as drawing or draft.

round gripper dies
thread rolling dies

The following are the main material types:

Brazed nail tools: Working area in tungsten carbide material, holder in steel material

Solid cemented carbide nail tools: the whole piece in cemented carbide material.

HSS nail tools: the whole piece in high-speed steel.

Our Gripper dies, Cutter, hammers, are famous for their quality. We have with our year’s experience in producing and export. Our sales staff can offer reliable solutions for you fastly.

It is our consistent goal to continuously update and optimize the production process, improve product quality, save costs and bring more profits to our partners.

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