• HSS Roll Rings for KOCKS Bar Mills

HSS roll ring is a new product that we specially developed for KOCKS mill bar production line.

Good Wear Resistance
Strong Impact Resistance
Better Surface Finish

Increase the rate of finished products
High operation rate
lower production cost
Reduce subsequent processing costs

HSS roll ring is a new product that we specially developed for KOCKS mill bar production line.

It has excellent wear-resistant and shock-proof performance under thermal load with hardness HSD81-87. It will not burst in the rolling progress. It can be processed by CNC lathe machine with high processing efficiency and low cost.

The quantity of steel rolling can be up to 70-80% of cemented carbide roll ring and its price is less than a half of cemented carbide roll ring. So it’s the good choice as the replace plan for the nodular cast iron ring and the TC rings.

It can process various kinds of steel, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and can also be used for processing non-ferrous metals and alloys.

It can be used for producing pipe, rod and bar.

HSS rolls working layer is a high carbon alloy steel containing Cr, Mo, W, V, Nb. The rolls have high hardness and good wear resistance.

Unit type RSB 370/5
Maximum number of racks (Nº) 5.0
Minimum number of racks (Nº) 3.0
Maximum roll diameter (mm) 380.0
Minimum roll diameter (mm) 370.0
Roll ring width (mm) 70/40
Radial adjustment of roll ring (mm) Max   10 mm
Axial adjustment of roll ring (mm) ±   0.5 mm
Maximum rolling speed
(theoretical /practical)
(m/s) 25   /18
Maximum finished product specification
(mm) Φ75/Φ55
Minimum finished product specification
(mm) Φ14/Φ16
Rack quick change system (Nº) 1
All the roll rings of our company are inspected for 3 times one by one to ensure the internal quality of the roll rings. All roll rings are tempered three times to obtain a good metallographic structure to ensure good product performance.

Metallographic examination
The single grinding amount of the roll is less than 1mm. This type of roll is used in finishing applications for increased campaign times and better surface finish.

The spread of 3-roll pass is only one fifth of that of 2-roll pass.
Moreover, the 3-roll pass has good sizing ability even at higher deformation.
the difference between 3roll and 2roll
The groove wear of three roll pass is smaller, and the cost of roll and guide is reduced by about 30%.
Groove wear of three roll pass is smaller
The surface quality of the finished bar is better by three-roll rolling.

HSS roller for kocks machine
HSS Roll Rings for KOCKS Bar Mills


  • High durability and wear resistance: HSS roll rings are known for their high level of hardness, which results in greater durability and wear resistance. They can withstand the demanding conditions of the KOCKS bar mills and maintain their performance over time.
  • Improved productivity: With HSS roll rings, the KOCKS bar mills can achieve higher speeds and feed rates, leading to improved productivity. The reduced downtime for roll changes also contributes to increased productivity.
  • Enhanced product quality: HSS roll rings offer superior surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and consistency, leading to high-quality end products. The roll rings’ improved wear resistance also helps maintain the required tolerances over an extended period, ensuring consistent product quality.


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