• Carbide Hot Mill Rollers

Carbide Mill Rolls for Hot Rolling Mill will improve product quality, reduce downtime, and increase productivity to bring a better production economy. Tungsten carbide mills rolls are mainly used in Wire Rod Rolling mill, steel rebar Rolling Mill. UKO TC rollers can be used in High Speed Rolling Mills, Wire Rod Rolling Mill, TMT Rolling Mill, Rebar Rolling Mill, Wire Rod Rolling Mill.

Tungsten Carbide rolls are used in the manufacture of mill rolls for extended life in applications where long rolling campaigns are required. Their extreme hardness makes them suitable for wire rods finishing blocks and some shaping applications.

The cemented carbides rolls are divided into the conventional WC-Co alloys and the corrosion resistant alloys with a mixed binder Co-Ni-Cr. The binder contents vary according to the specific requirements of the rolling mill. We also offer composite roll rings that are a combination of cemented carbide and steel. Unlike the relatively brittle cemented carbide rings, these composite rings open up a wide range of applications. These roll rings can be shrunk on the shaft without any clearance between the shaft and the ring, leading to an increased stiffness of the roll shaft and a higher rigidity of the system. For the transmission of higher torques, keyways can be machined in the faces or in the inner diameter of these roll rings. These rings are used in the intermediate stands and blocks with a 3-ring layout as well as stretch reducing tube mills.

For intermediate stands of bar and wire rod mills, and finishing stands of bar mills, we have combirolls. This consists of a composite roll ring with a mechanical clamping system, providing a high wear resistant layout that allows for the utilisation of the full width of the roll table. Combirolls are provided with a maintenance free clamping system that does not need to be retightened. Additionally, the roll shaft can be equipped different times with new roll rings.

PDF download icon Carbide ring hot mill rolls grades
Grade Binder
WC (%) Hardness
Transverse   rupture strength
Compressive   strength
Young’s modulus   of elasticity
Thermal   conductivity
YGR30 15 85 84.4 2700 3200 530 14.03 0.2
YGR45 20 80 81.5 2570 3000 480 13.53 0.18
YGR55 25 75 79.8 2550 2800 420 13.02 0.17
YGR60 30 70 79.2 2480 2600 300 12.68 0.16
YGH30 15 85 84.9 2700 3400 550 14.25 0.21
YGH40 18 82 83.8 2850 3200 500 13.73 0.19
YGH45 20 80 83 2700 3100 480 13.54 0.18
YGH55 26 74 81.5 2530 3000 450 13.05 0.17
YGH60 30 70 81 2630 3000 420 12.71 0.16
OD(mm) ID(mm) H(mm)
145-450 87-280 62-150

Ribbed roll rings for high-speed rolling steel bars
Ribbed roll rings for high-speed rolling steel bar

Finished flattened hot rolled rebar rolls

Finished flattened hot rolled rebar roll
Carbide roll rings with grooves

Carbide roll rings with groove
During rolling micro-cracks and wear in roller’s grooves is usual in daily production, and grooves need to be reground when cracks are at depth around 0.2mm. Excess rolling causes the depth of micro cracks to extend rapidly and will increase the dangers of crushing rolls, which can be avoided by reground timely.

Note: We can supply according to the drawings provided by customers, that determined based on customers’ requests.

Slitting rolling technology for hot rolled bar or rebarAccording to customers’ mills and production lines, we offer a unique rolling design for single-rolling, two-slit, three-slit and four-slit stands. The composite rolls can be used as K1 finished roll, K2 leader roll, K3 slitting roll and K4 pre-slitting roll for the rolling of wire rod, bar and rebar.


  • High Durability: These rolls are made from a combination of tungsten carbide and cobalt, which gives them the ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures. This durability can lead to reduced maintenance costs and improved efficiency.
  • High Precision: These cemented carbide mill rolls can be manufactured to very tight tolerances, which means that the rolls can produce consistent results, leading to better quality products.
  • Improved Productivity: Due to the longer lifespan and less frequent replacement needed, tungsten carbide rolls can help reduce production costs over time, making them a cost-effective option for many industries.


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