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Efficiently shape the future with Mill Rolls – Quality you can trust

UKO manufactures mill rolls tailored for the demanding environments of hot mills that produce wire rods and rebar.

Carbide Mill Rolls
Carbide Mill Rolls

Our carbide mill rolls are commonly used in pre-finishing stand, finishing stand and sizing mill.

HSS Rolls
HSS Rolls

HSS rolls can be used on all stands of bar and wire rod mills, in particular on the finishing mill, including dog-bone and slitting stands on the slitting process.

Rolls for KOCKS Mills
Rolls for KOCKS Mills

Roll ring is made from HSS and developed for the KOCKS 3-roll mill steel bar production line.

Cast Iron Rolls
Casting Rolls

Our casting rolls can be used on all stands, including roughing, intermediate and finishing stands.

Essential Components of the Hot Rolling Process

Hot mill rolls are used to shape and deform steel bars, which are then used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries.

Best solutions

Hot mill rolls have several advantages that make them essential in the wire and rod rolling industry.

They are highly efficient, produce a superior surface finish, increase the strength of the steel rebar, and are cost-effective.

High Efficiency

Hot mill rolls are highly efficient in producing high-quality metal products in large quantities. They can roll metal at high speeds, which reduces the production time and increases the output.

Superior Surface Finish

Hot mill rolls can produce a superior surface finish on the metal products due to the high pressure and temperature they are subjected to during the rolling process. This results in a smoother surface finish and a better overall quality of the product.


Hot mill rolls are cost-effective because they can produce a large volume of high-quality metal products in a short amount of time. This reduces the overall production costs and makes them an affordable option for many industrial applications.


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