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We are manufacturers and suppliers of all types of Trimming Dies , These dies are used for Cold forging and Hot forging.Made of the finest grade HSS, cold-press fitted, heat treated for maximum strength and offered in a wide range of coating to suit all applications .

Recently, the manufacturing of bolts has been made by high speed multi-stage forming machines. Cutting dies are highly loaded parts of tooling and their consumption in mass production of bolts is very high.

Cold heading bolts on automatic machines hexagonal, square and close to them heads are usually made out by trimming a barrel-shaped set of metal. Technological operation of obtaining the head is carried out in a trimming die, usually located in a block of punches, through which the metal set for the head is pushed by a trim

UKO’s trimming dies can meet tight tolerances while keeping a fine micro finish.

Trimming die is a type of stamping die that uses a punching die to trim the edges of a machined piece, giving it a certain height, diameter, and shape. The trimming die is mainly used to trim the edges of deep-drawn parts, making the end face smooth and beautiful, making it convenient for next assembly. Trimming molds are widely used in fields such as mechanical manufacturing, automotive component production, beverage bottle processing, and fastener mold matching.

trimming dies trimming dies
trimming dies trimming dies

Our company can provide various types of hexagon trimming die, square trimming die, and other special trimming dies. Welcome to send us the inquiries with product drawings. the trimming drawing

Workpiece size Outer dimension Cross section Workpiece size Outer dimension Cross section
M5 30 20 7.8 0.05 M16 60 40 23.75 0.1
M6 30 20 9.8 0.05 M18 60 40 26.75 0.1
1/4UNC 30 20 10.92 0.05 M20 60 40 29.75 0.1
5/16UNC 35 23 12.45 0.07 5/8UNC 64 32 23.5 0.1
M8 35 23 12.75 0.07 M16 64 32 23.75 0.1
3/8UNC 35 23 14.05 0.07 M18 64 32 26.75 0.1
7/16UNC 42 23 15.6 0.07 M20 64 32 29.75 0.1
M10 42 23 16.75 0.07 A325 4/3 64 32 30.9 0.1
M12 45 28 18.7 0.1 M20 74 40 29.75 0.1
1/2UNC 45 28 18.75 0.1 A325 4/3 74 40 30.9 0.1
M14 45 28 21.75 0.1 7/8UNC 89 40 32.8 0.12
5/8UNC 59 32 23.5 0.1 A325 7/8 89 40 35.6 0.12
M16 59 32 23.75 0.1 M24 89 40 35.75 0.12
M18 59 32 26.75 0.1 1″UNC 89 40 37.5 0.12
5/8UNC 60 40 23.5 0.1 A325 1″ 89 40 40.4 0.12

We can provide various types of Hexagon trimming die、Square trimming die 、bihexagon trimming die and other special trimming dies Specification: trimming dies drawing

A/F Tolerance Nominal Size SIZE
Φ30×20 Φ35×23 Φ43×23 Φ45×28 Φ60×40 Φ70×50
5.32 +0.02~+0.04 M3
6.8 M4
7.8 +0.03~+0.05 M5
9.8 M6
10.8 ANSI1/4
11.8 +0.04~+0.06 M8(Small)
12.8 M8
13.8 M10(Small)
15.8 +0.05~+0.07 M10
16.8 M10 M12 (Small)
17.8 +0.06~+0.08 M12
18.8 ANSI1/2
20 ANSI9/16
21 M14
24 +0.07~+0.09 M16
27 +0.08~+0.10 M18
28 ANSI 3/ 4
30 +0.09~+0.11 M20
32 M22
36 +0.10~+0.12 M24

Technical Data:

台湾 中国 日本 美国 德国
SKH51 W6Mo5Cr4V2 SKH51 M2 1.3342
SKH55 W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5 SKH55 1.3243
SKH59 W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 SKH59 M42 1.3247

The material used in dies is High Speed Steel / HSS of different grades M2 / 1.3343 / SKH59, M35 or M42. Dies are heat treated to 60 – 62 HRC to give good life.


  • Trimming dies are made in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer.
  • Excellent lifetime of the cutting dies contributes to production savings.
  • The average life of the trimming die is 200000~300000 strokes on the reference product M6 screw made of ordinary steel.
  • H13 is suitable for 90% of bolt applications,SKH55 is for special stainless steel bolts.
What Is Trimming Dies?2023-07-01T03:20:21+00:00

Trimming dies are specialized tools used in the cold heading process to trim excess material from a formed metal part, typically a fastener such as a screw or bolt. After the initial forming process, the part may have excess material or flash that needs to be removed to achieve the desired shape and size. Trimming dies are designed to remove this excess material from the part by cutting it away with precision and accuracy.

Trimming dies are typically made from high-strength tool steel or tungsten carbide and are custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of the part being trimmed. They are often used in conjunction with other cold heading dies, such as heading punches and extrusion punches, to produce a finished product that meets the required specifications for size, shape, and thread profile.

The process of using trimming dies involves inserting the part into the cold heading machine and positioning it under the trimming die. The trimming die is then brought down onto the part, cutting away any excess material or flash. This process is repeated until the part is trimmed to the desired shape and size.

Trimming dies play a crucial role in the cold heading process, enabling the production of high-quality, precision-engineered metal parts. They are essential tools in the manufacturing of fasteners and other metal components for various industrial applications.


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