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Flat thread rolling dies are tools used in the manufacturing process to create a rolled thread on cylindrical objects. The rolled thread provides greater tensile strength compared to cutting threads, as well as increased precision and durability.

These dies are available in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the type of thread being created and can be used to save costs and time in the production process.

The principle of flat thread rolling dies is the oldest process of coldforming threads. This process uses a pusher blade to insert the work piece into coldforming area between both flat dies. Afterwards the thread is formed within one working stroke. Flat thread rolling die applicationsScrews of flat thread rolling dies

We are able to design tools and accessories according to the finished product drawings and technical requirements. It is necessary to specify the model of the machine, the material of the dies, the dimensions of the dies, the diameter of the wire, the dimensions of the product, the accuracy and pitch of the thread, the metric and inch specification of the thread, the shape of the outer surface of the dies (round, square, hexagonal, prismatic), the dimensions S, H, L1, L2, as well as the number of sets to be purchased.

In addition, other factors that need to be taken into account include thread depth, thread angle, thread root radius, and thread flank angle.

Single face Dies
Single face Dies

Duplex face Dies

Material Standard: All of our flat dies are made from high-quality imported steel such as DC53, SKH-9 that have been tested and approved in Japan, Germany, and Sweden. In addition, the steel undergoes pressurized cooling and vacuum heat treatment to ensure that the saw blade is wear-resistant and heat-resistant, with good toughness thereby ensuring its standard service life. In addition, we can provide nitriding treatment on the surface of the thread rolling flat dies, which can increase its service life by 50% compared with the non-nitrided type.

Material Hardness (HRC) Features Applications
SKD11 58-61 SKD11 tool steel has good wear resistance and size ability after heat treatment. Used for tensile dies, cold extrusion dies, first punch holder, etc.
DC53 (Daido) 61-63 DC53 steel is high toughness and high chromium steel, has wear resistance, stamping resistance, and high material resistance. It is often used in the manufacture of demanding molds, such as impact cold forging dies, deep drawing dies, molds, and flat dies for stainless steel screws, etc.
SKH-9 61-64 SKH-9 steel is general-purpose high-speed steel with high wear resistance and toughness. Used for cold forging dies, punches, flat dies, punch pins, etc.


  • High Precision: Flat thread rolling dies with precision classes 1, 2, or 3 can be manufactured and processed according to specific precision requirements.
  • High Wear-Resistance: Through a series of heat treatments, the hardness of the flat dies can reach HRC 63, resulting in stable performance and high efficiency.
  • Versatility: Flat thread rolling dies materials such as Cr12MoV, DC53, and high-speed tool steel can be offered, and thread forms such as ANSI, BS, DIN, and JIS are also available.


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