Cold Heading Punches

Cold Heading Punches

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  • Cold Heading Punches
UKO is manufacturing punches for cold heading of fastener industry, such as screws, self-tapping screws, bolts, nuts and parts: carbide first punches, second punches.
Typically, each die station in a heading machine has two punches that oscillate to form the fastener head. The first punch action partially shapes the head, known as the coning metals, while the second punch completes the head.


  • High precision: After standardized production, cold heading punches are high precision, enable precise shaping of metal for consistent quality products.
  • Longer lifespan: High-quality cold heading punches, first punch made of tungsten carbide, second punch made of HSS, both have excellent wear resistance, resulting in longer die life and reduced downtime for replacement.
  • Increased productivity: The use of durable and precise cold heading punches can improve production efficiency, reducing scrap and material waste, and increasing yield.
What Is Screw Header Punch?2023-07-01T03:00:34+00:00

The screw header punch is an essential tool in the cold heading manufacturing process, used for the production of high-quality screws and bolts in various industrial applications. It is a specialized tool designed for shaping metal into a finished product through a series of powerful blows using a cold heading machine. The punch is a crucial component, responsible for shaping the metal into the desired screw or bolt form.

Manufactured from high-strength tool steel or tungsten carbide, the screw header punch is precision-engineered to ensure the finished product meets the required specifications for size, shape, and thread profile. They are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of screw and bolt configurations. Customization is also possible for specific applications, ensuring the highest quality and precision in the finished product.

Our comprehensive assortment of screw header punches includes:
We are a reputed name in the industry, engaged in offering a wide range of products, including Screw Header Punches, Heading and Piercing Punches, Ejector Pins, Knock Out Pins, Extrusion and Piercing Punches, and more. Our products are manufactured using quality-assured raw materials and advanced technology under the supervision of highly skilled engineers and staff. The offered range is appreciated for its dimensional accuracy, perfect finish, corrosion resistance, and extended durability. Our products are available in both standard and customized forms, catering to the design of fasteners, screws, and various industrial equipment. We offer these products at the best affordable prices.

With a team of passionate personnel, we are committed to providing a broad collection of Screw Header Punches. The punches are manufactured using optimum grade metal sourced from authentic vendors who are known for their product quality. These punches are widely used for fastening work in different industrial applications, and clients can avail them at affordable rates.


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