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Crafting quality fasteners with our reliable dies

These fastener tools work together to shape and form the metal material into the desired shape and size of the screws, bolts and nuts.

Cold Heading Dies
Cold Heading Dies

These dies are used to create the heads of fasteners such as bolts and screws. They work by compressing the material of the fastener into the desired shape.

First Punch

The first punch is used to push the cut workpiece into the matrix and prepare the workpiece for final upsetting.

Second Punch
Second Punch

The second punch is used to make holes or slots for head finishing of fasteners.

Flat Thread Rolling Dies

Flat dies are used for high-speed rolling threads of single-start and double-start in structural steel products.

Precision dies for efficient fastener production

Dies and punches are essential tools for fasteners manufacturers who need to produce large quantities of screws, bolts, nuts efficiently and accurately.

Best solutions

Trust our tools to build a strong foundation.

There are several advantages to using our fastener tools for making screws, bots and nuts, including:

  • Durability: our fastener tools are made of durable materials, such as carbide or hardened steel, which can withstand the high-pressure and wear and tear of manufacturing.
  • Reduced material waste: our fastener tools are designed to minimize material waste by creating screws with little to no excess material.
  • Precision: Punch and dies are designed to create fasteners with precise dimensions and shapes, ensuring consistency and accuracy in the final product.


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