Tungsten carbide wire rollers can be used to produce a wide range of ribbed steel wire products, including:

  • Deformed bars – These are steel bars with deformations, or ribs, that provide enhanced bonding with concrete. Tungsten carbide wire rollers are commonly used to produce deformed bars for use in reinforced concrete structures.
  • Wire mesh – Wire mesh is a type of ribbed steel wire product that consists of a grid of interconnected wires. Tungsten carbide wire rollers can be used to produce wire mesh with various mesh sizes and wire diameters, which can be used for a variety of applications such as fencing, construction, and industrial filtration.
  • Structural steel products – Tungsten carbide wire rollers can also be used to produce other types of structural steel products, such as beams and columns, that require ribbed steel wire for reinforcement.

The ribbed steel wire produced using tungsten carbide wire rollers can be manufactured to meet various international standards, such as ASTM, BS, and JIS. These standards specify the requirements for the physical properties and dimensions of the ribbed steel wire, ensuring that it meets the necessary strength and durability requirements for its intended use.