Wire drawing powder, also wire drawing lubricant powder, is usually divided into calcium-based and sodium-based.

In the process of wire cold drawing deformation, wire drawing powder can play a lubricating role, reduce friction, reduce energy consumption, and prolong the service life of wire drawing die. In the drawing process, a lubricating film can also be formed on the surface of the steel wire, which can protect the steel wire.

UKO wire-drawing lubricants covering all cold metal-forming applications using dry lubricants, including welding wire, spring wire, welding electrode, prestressed steel wire,steel bar, steel strand, galvanized wire and etc.

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The dry wire-drawing lubricant should allow the wire to pass through the die while preserving the qualities of the wire: appearance, surface condition, its characteristics: tension, elongation the production parameters: speed, die lifetime. By softening while going through the die, the powder is transformed into a lubricating plastic film.
According to the nature of the wire drawn and the final application, the grain size distribution of the powder, as well as its softening point, are optimized to allow the creation of a lubricating plastic film at the required temperature.

For more product information, you can download our drawing powder product catalog, which has a detailed product introduction. In addition, you can also contact our customer service staff directly, we will recommend the drawing powder model suitable for you.

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  • Improved wire quality: Wire drawing lubricant powder reduces surface defects, improves surface finish, and minimizes wire breakage during the drawing process.
  • Increased productivity: The use of wire drawing lubricant powder reduces the amount of friction and heat generated during the drawing process, resulting in higher drawing speeds and increased production rates.
  • Extended die life: Wire drawing lubricant powder reduces wear and tear on the drawing dies, resulting in longer die life and reduced downtime for maintenance and replacement.
  • Environmental benefits: Many wire drawing lubricant powders are eco-friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals, resulting in a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional lubricants.


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