• Wire straighten dies

UKO tungsten carbide wire guide die is made of 100% raw materials, with the merits of good toughness, strong wear resistance, good smooth surface, high precision, long service life, etc.

Tungsten Carbide Wire guide Dies & roller are widely used in wire industry wire-drawing operation.

GRADE ISO Wc Content Co Content Density Hardness T.R.S
% % g/cm³ HRA N/mm²
YG8 K30 92 8 14.8 89.5 2200
YG15 K40 85 15 13.9 86 2020
YG20 G40 80 20 13.55 85 2800
It is suitable for stretching and drawing of gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper clad steel wire, and pipe.
  • Tungsten carbide wire guide
    Bunching and stranding dies
  • Tungsten carbide straightener
  • Non-standard dies
  • Eyelet guides
  • Ring guides
  • Tungsten carbide bridge

Wire guide dies can be supplied in the as sintered, ground or ground and polished condition. Non-standard guide dies are available upon request.


  • Cost-effective supply: Tungsten carbide wire and straightening dies are cost-effective due to their exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear, resulting in fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs over time.
  • Increased efficiency: Tungsten carbide wire guide and straightening dies have excellent heat resistance and can operate at high speeds, improving overall production efficiency.
  • Complete grade and specification: Tungsten carbide tools are highly customizable, allowing customers to create tailored products that meet their specific requirements, resulting in improved performance and productivity.


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