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Where wires meet excellence, our drawing dies lead the way

UKO manufacturers wire drawing dies with ultra-hard materials used for high-quality and high-performance wire and rod drawing.

Carbide Drawing Dies
Carbide Drawing Dies

Starting from 0.15mm (.006”) , our TC drawing dies are available in round, square, hexagonal, and other shapes.

PCD Dies
PCD Dies

UKO PCD dies are available in round sizes of 0.25 mm (.01”) to 14mm (.551”).

Cost-effective Solution for Your Die Drawing

The wire drawing dies are used to reduce the cross-sectional area of the various wire such as steel, copper, and aluminum.

Best solutions

Providing benefits for manufacturers in various industries.

The use of wire drawing dies can help improve wire quality, reduce wire breaks, and increase machine speed.

  • Precision: Wire drawing dies are designed to produce wire with consistent diameter and shape, resulting in precise and accurate wire products.

  • Efficiency: The use of wire drawing dies allows for faster and more efficient wire production, reducing manufacturing costs and improving productivity.


Wire drawing dies require hard and wear-resistant materials like tungsten carbide or diamond to endure the high pressures and temperatures of wire drawing and last longer.


Wire drawing dies can be used for a wide range of wire products and applications, making them versatile tools for various industries.


Wire drawing dies to produce wire with a smooth and uniform surface, resulting in high-quality wire products that meet industry standards and specifications.


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